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Model Number: FT-1560
Print head: Epson DX5
Resolution: 1440dpi Max
Printing size: 1520mm max.
Material size: 1600mm max
Ink: Eco solvent ink
Color: Double 4 color( duel CMYK)
Printing material: Vinyl, sticker, banner, flex, pp paper, photo paper etc.


Print Head Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology, Epson DX5 print head
Print head nozzle (180nozeel*8lines) per one head


Water base ink/Eco solvent ink
Color Mode Duel CMYK
Print head Height adjustment

1.5mm & 2.5mm adjustable

Head Cleaning

Automatic purging, sucking, wiping

Ink supply Refillable cartridge
Media width 1.60m Max.
Print width 1.52m Max.
Print Margin 5mm min.
Roll media weight 20kg MAX
Printing material with eco solvent ink

Vinyl, flex banner, etc

Printing material with water base ink photo paper, pp paper, light box film, etc
Resolution and printing speed 360*1080( 6 pass)                 12sqm/h

720*360( 4 pass)                  15sqm/h

720*720( 8 pass)                   8sqm/h
1440*720( 8 pass)                  3.5sqm/h
1440*1440( 16 pass)                2sqm/h

Heating system  front heating

Inter face

RAM 128M


AC110-120V, AC220-240V( adaptive), 50/60HZ
Power Consumption Printing mode:100W
Standby mode:40W
Noise Level ?50DB
Environment Temperature 20-32 篊Humidty:40%-60%(non-dondensing)


2.65m*0.92m*0.63m( with package)
Weight 210kg