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Machine description

Power supply button: put through power supply, red light is on. Press “power”, green light is on and machine enters working state. When machine enters working state. When machine is working, press the button, it stops working. 

Reset button: Press it to reset the mechanical system of the unit. 

Unwind button: Press“REDU” to reduce the overlong tape if the tape is too long. 

Guide button: Press the “FEED” to lead tape manually or extend tape temporarily. 

Function button: Press it to select the binding model, the length of tape and bonding time. 

“+”,“-” button: Press “+”,“-” button to adjust the length of tape or bonding time, and select the binding model(vertical or transverse). 

LCD: Use to display current working state of bill-bundle machine, record and display the number of bundle.

Main Function

1. Controlled by microprocessor, automatic to bind.

2. Suitable for binding bank note at different sizes, a wide range of security paper, bill, ticket and so on.

3. Automatic to feed paper band, bind, and easy to operate.

4. Have two binding model: vertical and transverse

5. Hot-pressing for gluing, elegant in appearance, firm in result, and paper-saving.

6. Optional to adjust the binding tightness, binding duration, and feeding length of paper band.

7. Counting down for preheating, feeding length of paper band, and binding times as necessary information shown in LCD.

8. Most parts are made of self-lubricating materials, keep clean even if used in office.

Operating Introduction

1. Pull the drawer under front control panel, place roll-clock-wise around the locating pin, and circle paper-tape head on the right guide pole. Turn paper-tape head by 90 to make adhesive side downwards. Paper-tape extends under the left guide pole about 20cm. Shut the drawer.

2. Press the light and left opening buttons simultaneously, take down the damper and press the front control panel dust top softly with two thumbs, close the front control panel.

3. Put through power supply, indicating light becomes red. Press “POWER”, indicating light becomes green and machine enters working state.

4.Insert paper-tape with adhesive side upwards into leading tape slot on the left of bill-bundle machine. Delivering paper organization will lead paper-tape into machine and extend from the paper- clip. Pull paper-tape head softly with right hand, take it out when adhere-cut system cut bundling stateautomatically.

5. When the paper-loop forms automatically, machine enters preheating state. The crystal screen starts 20 sec backward timing. 

6. If paper-tape is too big or small, please press “+”, “-”to increase or decrease. 

7. To improve adhere-cut speed ,adhere-cut time is usually 2~4 time units. If adhering effect is not ideal, press FUNC button to select bonding time and press “+”, “-” to adjust the time. 

8. After completing bundling, close machine, take out bills, cut power supply. Open front control panel, press tape-roller support, take out the paper-tape, close the dust cover to avoid dust to entering machine. Open the drawer and circle excessive paper-tape to paper-roll. Need not to take out paper-tape if paper-loop left. Bundle bills directly after electrifying and backward timing next.

 9. Use of accessory: Use posing device to make big loop. Big posing device should be inserted in the left slot of machine front shell. Small one should be inserted in the right slot. Concave slots of the two posing devices are face-to-face. Use locating apparatus to uniform the position of bill bundles. Adhere locating apparatus on corresponding site of machine shell with adhesive tape.

Trouble shooting

1. When paper-tape is bound in nipper or paper-clip, close machine, cut paper-tape, get rid of bound paper-tape and start machine again (see drawing).


2.When paper-tape is piled between initiative axis and tape-roller, close Machine, get rid of paper-tape piles and machine again.

3.Under bundling state, if paper-loop is too big because of pressing tape button by mistake and bill bundles is loose, open front control panel, press tape-roller support and take out excessive paper –tape from the entrance, reduce paper-loop.

4.If paper-delivery deviates onside, paper-regaining deviates outside, make two screw nuts right-adjusted till paper-tape go straight and tighten them. On the contrary, left-adjusted.

5. If paper-tape bundles bills too tightly, Please adjust ejector rod downward and tighten the screw nut on limit device. On the contrary, adjust upward. 

6. To achieve better bundling effect, its concave side should not be upward when holding bill and ejector rod should be on the middle line of bill.(notice this when fixing locating apparatus.)

7. If fuse is broken, change it according to fuse type.

8. The machine has abnormal noise, check belt if the belt wears badly, change it in time. The machine works weakly, check the voltage of power. If the voltage is too low, increase it.

9. Although adhering time is enough, adhesive side is not ideal. Consider to change heater.

10. Cut power supply after operating. Open front control panel, press tape-roller support, take out the paper-tape, close the dust cover to avoid dust to entering machine.

11. The consequence should be responsible by themselves if amateurs or maintainers who are not trained by our firm break and repair the machine.


1. Before switching on, please take down the damper (on the left of front control panel), and press down the dust cover. Otherwise, paper tape will be stop and can not form paper-loop, and the cap plate will broke the dust cover.

2. Make sure that place the bank note to form a right angle with the body of this unit as possible. Otherwise, the band may be broken during binding the bank note. If broken, please get rid of paper-tape.

2. Never try to touch the heater during working as it′s at 160℃ for gluing paper band. Otherwise personal injury may occur.

3. Operator must be qualified personnel. And fittings and parts which must have been appraised by us.


a) No blocking ventilation hole.

b) Never place it close to heating source, so as to avoid damage on this unit.

c) No contacting water. If fluid enters machine, it can cause severe damage.

d) Use soft dry cloth to clean machine lightly. No using detergent or chemical solvent.

e) Regularly clean out the dust inside with air blower and brush.

Technical Index 

Paper-tape supply: automatic leading paper 

Preheat time: 20 sec 

Bundle speed : 3sec per bundle on average 

Bundle method: Heat-press paper-tape 

Power supply: 220±10% 50HZ 

Power: 40W 

Weight: 6.5 kg 

Volume: 310mm×246mm×140mm


1. Put through power supply, Switch on the power switch, the indicating light becomes red, after press the “POWER” key, the indicating light becomes green and machine enters working state. The LCD screen displays “WELCOME”.

2. After about 2 seconds, The LCD screen displays “Please load paper roll.”

3. When you load paper roll and the sensor sensing the paper roll, paper-loop forms automatically,and the machine start to warm up and the LCD screen displays “warm up, please wait!”

4. It takes 20 seconds to warm up. After it, The LCD screen displays “ setting of tape length is ××, press + or – for adjust length and press FUNC for horizontal binding”. You may operate by above requirement.

5. After you finished setting, the LCD screen displays:

    Model    Length    Time 

    Vert       ××             ×× 

    No. of bundle 0 

6. In the course of binding, When you press the “FUNC” key, the LCD screen displays:

           Model:                    Vertical

           Length of tape: ××

           Banding time: ××

           Press FUNC to select

           Press + or -to adjust

     At this time, you may press “FUNC” to select“Model”, then press + or -to select different binding model. You may press “FUNC” to select “length of tape”, then press + or – to adjust the length of tape. And you may press “FUNC” to select “Banding time”, then press “+” or “-” to adjust the banding time.


Important Information

It is a kind of new high-technology product, adopting advanced computed control technology and integrating machinery with electron, LED display, banding times, easy operation. artistic banding, high efficiency and low cost, it is a kind of ideal machine for binding banknotes in financial departments.  

To use it properly

This unit is early to learn and operate. However, you have to operate it in a right way, so please be sure you completely understand to use it. 

To maintain it rightly

Only our engineers or qualified technicians who have been trained can mount or maintain this unit. Besides, use only the approved parts. 


In order to ensure the desirable binding result, please use the paper band web offered only by our company. Never try to use other type of fittings or parts. Otherwise, the approval and warranty for this unit will be destroyed. 


The technical patent of this unit and applying patent of adhesive of the paper band web are all reserved by our company.