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1.Full-automatic, complete three-direction binding at one time.

2.Thermocompression and crossed binding make the banknote bundles firm and beautiful which achieve the bank’s standard.

3.Self-checking after being switched on, displaying the error code and stop to alarm when error.

4.Built-in safety gate and photoelectric protection device, when hand moves in, it will stop and alarm, keep the users safe.

5.Smoke suction and low noise devices offer an environmental friendly surrounding.

6.Automatic shutdown when no operation in 30 minutes (the time can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 100 minutes) .

7.Super LED display.


Available document Currency, bill
The way of banknote strapping Turbo Boost Pressure binding, 5-points sticking,
no need to preheat
Strapping speed Less than 15sec/bundle
Minimum strapping range 110×52×80 mm(L×W×H)
Maximum strapping range 180×80×210 mm(L×W×H)
Strapping pressure 500-1500kgs(adjustable)
Specifications of strapping belt 6-14mm(W)(can be tailor-made)
Consumables Standard plastic strapping belt. Made in China
Voltage 220V(±10%) or as required
Frequency 50Hz(±5%)
Power (Average) 150W
Appearance dimension 490x570x1150(mm)
Weight 130kgs